Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whitfield: Why Let Facts Get In The Way?

Today, Congressman Ed Whitfield (KY) posed the following question during Energy and Commerce Committee Hearings to Energy Secretary Steven Chu and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson:
I wanted to ask you all, you Mr. Chu particularly and Ms. Jackson, if you had read Gabriel (Calzada) Alvarez’ study – he’s at King Juan Carlos’s University in Madrid. And he used empirical data based on the government subsidizing renewable energy in Spain. And he came up with the conclusion exactly how much every job cost. And I know that President Obama in this renewable energy package is modeling using Spain as a model, one of the models. But for every job created in the renewable energy sector, so-called green job, that they lost 2.2 jobs. And this is a 50-page empirical study that he conducted. And I was just, have either one of you seen his study?
While a seemingly reasonable question, dare we say it, there's one small detail Mr. Whitfield failed to note. The "study" in question has been torn apart by a variety of sources over the last month, including the Wall Street Journal.

According to to Pete Altman at NRDC's Switchboard, Mr. Calzada may, shall we say, not be totally impartial: reports that the "Center for New Europe" - where Gabriel Calzada is a visiting fellow - has received $170,000 form ExxonMobil since 1998. Calzada also is tied into the Heartland Institute, another well-known hub of climate science denial.
Nice try, though, Mr. Whitfield. Actually, no, not really.

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