Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allen, ExxonMobil Seek To Re-Frame "Clean"

Former Senator (and LCV Dirty Dozen member) George Allen has decided to weigh in on the debate over clean energy. The impressively animated former lawmaker touts his new group's proposal for "clean, creative, and thoughtful" (spelled out in the video below, just in case) energy solutions.

While that seems well and good, the buzz words don't really mesh with the fact that Mr. Allen's group is against any cap on carbon emissions, despite the consensus of scientists that action needs to be taken post-haste.

Of course, Mr. Allen (who earned an atrociously impressive
1% lifetime score (!) in the National Environmental Scorecard) neglects to mention that his group is funded by industry friends like ExxonMobil, who haven't exactly been leaders on global warming.