Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 2: Markup Begins While Hilarity Continues

Members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce convened this morning to begin markup on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

The historic nature of this legislation continues to be eclipsed only by the sheer outrageous nature of comments the opposition has made. And today was no exception.

Rep. Fred Upton (MI) was particularly cantankerous while supporting his colleague Rep. Mike Rogers's (MI) amendment to tie the validity of the bill to China's action on limiting future greenhouse gas emissions. While we agree  that it is important to encourage China to be partners with America in dealing with global warming, we think we'd be at odds with Mr. Upton regarding his strategy to do so.
MR. UPTON: We need to put a gun to China's head and say comply! [...] They can't even find one hundred miles of the Great Wall.
As this blog doesn't deal with foreign policy, analysis of Mr. Upton's assertions will cease here, but we can safely say that we don't condone holding anyone hostage over anything.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Mr. Rogers had perhaps the line of the day, although we're unsure what his point actually was.
MR. ROGERS: This legislation looks like a camel which was a horse designed by a Congressional committee.
We can be pretty sure what Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN) meant as she won the R?S? Tagline Recitation Award for almost verbatim repeating the entirety of our tagline to describe her goals, while adding a bit of her own flair.
MS. BLACKBURN: You all are pursuing climate change like it is the Holy Grail. Someone needs to put some roadblocks into this legislation.
Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without a Rep. John Shimkus (IL) tantrum. Today, Mr. Shimkus resorted to theatrics to voice his displeasure with Congressional Democrats. While we respect his right to do so, one would think there may be a more appropriate venue for his high-decibel mimicry, which included Mr. Shimkus slamming his hand on his desk while shouting "We're fighting for the big guys! We're fighting for the big guys!" (Seriously - as soon as we find video we'll post it.)

Members continue marking up the bill as we speak, and you can be sure to find more coverage right here in the coming hours and days.