Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shimkus: And By "Little", I Mean Big

In early going, it looks like Rep. John Shimkus (IL) has taken on the mantle of fighting for the "little guy". An admirable goal if it was at all credible. Which, of course, it is not.

As anti-clean energy members have offered numerous poison pill amendments to undermine the bill, Mr. Shimkus has cited the plight of the "little guy," repeatedly tying the authors of the American Clean Energy and Security Act to "corporate interests" and accusing them of "backroom deals." As he plays his self-appointed role of populist, Mr. Shimkus pays no heed to high unemployment numbers that would be eased with an American commitment to clean energy, or even acknowledges the threat of man-made global warming.

Mr. Shimkus goes on to make his case by citing the completely debunked Spanish study on how clean energy investments led to high unemployment.
MR. SHIMKUS: Gabriel Calzada Alvarez from Spain came and asked "America, are you crazy? We've lost 22,000 jobs! You want to model your (unintelligable) after us?"
Mr. Calzada's ties to ExxonMobil have been covered ad nauseum (his "think tank" has received $170,000 from the oil and gas giant). It would seem his interests are the furthest from the "little guy" as possible.

Then again, Mr. Shimkus puts Mr. Calzada's haul to shame. Through his Congressional career, Mr. Shimkus has accepted over $205,000 from oil and gas.

With those kinds of ties to corporate interests, it would be worth asking how exactly Mr. Shimkus is defining the "little guy" he loves so much...