Thursday, June 4, 2009

Akin, Thompson Fuzzy on Green Jobs, Their Own Districts

Kudos to Think Progress for this great spot of Tuesday night's colloquy on the floor of the House of Representatives, which focused on the American Clean Energy and Security Act. In this case, participating Representatives Todd Akin (MO) and Glenn Thompson (PA), among others, took the opportunity to trash the bill, in particular the whole notion of green jobs. Watch below:

In the sparsely populated chamber, the select few Congressmen alternately described green jobs as "paper mâché," "subprime," (an allusion to the infamously debunked Spanish green jobs study) and, perhaps most colorfully, as "gangrene." Think Progress, the Center for American Progress, and the Environmental Defense Fund, however, define irony:
But a report by the Center for American Progress shows investment in green jobs produces four times as many jobs as an equivalent investment in the oil industry. The Environmental Defense Fund website notes there are at least four clean energy companies in Thompson’s district and six in Akin’s district.
In other news, Representatives Akin and Thompson eagerly await the much-anticipated campaign memo, "How To Insult Your District's Economy and Constituency and Still Get Re-Elected."