Monday, June 8, 2009

BK Baloney Update: Franchisee Labels BK 'Cockroaches'

Updating a previous post, Burger King franchise operators in the Tennessee area have gone all rogue on their corporate counterparts, and, according to reports, the 'Global Warming is Baloney' signage has been spotted on over a dozen BKs in the area.

Franchise operator MIC refuses to back down. In an interview with the Guardian, spokesman John McNelis shot back:
"I would think [Burger King] would run from any form of controversy kinda like cockroaches when the lights get turned on," said Mr McNelis. "I'm not aware of any direction that they gave the franchisee and I don't think they have the authority to do it.

"The [restaurant] management team can put the message up there if they want to. It is private property and here in the US we do have some rights. Notwithstanding a franchise agreement, I could load a Brinks vehicle with [rights] I've got so many of them. By the time the Burger King lawyers work out how to make that stick we'd be in the year 2020."
Suffice it to say, we highly doubt Mr. McNelis's Brinks truck is a hybrid.