Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Broun calls climate change a 'hoax,' two people applaud

Continuing our recap of last week's floor proceedings, we thought we'd bring you a good old fashioned climate change denier. We're being completely serious when we say we would love nothing more than for our roadblocks to put us out of business and change their ways, but as long as individuals like Representative Paul Broun (GA) keep it up, we'll be here.

You see, in his speech during the 5 1/2 hour debate leading up the passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act, Broun was up to his old tricks, as Paul Krugman wrote in his recent New York Times editorial:
Indeed, if there was a defining moment in Friday’s debate, it was the declaration by Representative Paul Broun of Georgia that climate change is nothing but a “hoax” that has been “perpetrated out of the scientific community.” I’d call this a crazy conspiracy theory, but doing so would actually be unfair to crazy conspiracy theorists. After all, to believe that global warming is a hoax you have to believe in a vast cabal consisting of thousands of scientists — a cabal so powerful that it has managed to create false records on everything from global temperatures to Arctic sea ice.

Check out the video below:

Our favorite part of the video isn't how Broun continues to deny the scientific consensus behind climate change, nor is it how he deliberately cites debunked numbers on the economic impacts of the bill (it's closer to a postage stamp a day per family, not $3,100). No, you see, our favorite part is the applause he receives at the end, or rather, the lack thereof. If you listen closely it becomes clear that there are exactly two people applauding him. Now to be fair, one does seem to be applauding pretty loudly, but if can only get two people to clap, I'd say it's about time you rethink giving that same old tired stump speech.