Tuesday, June 2, 2009

But Can You Pull Off A BK Broiler Pun?

With Congress being out of session on recess last week, there were certainly less opportunities for legislators to make on-the-record statements that demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of global warming science. Or, as we often prefer, declarations that venture into the completely absurd.

Would anyone, in this week of great need, step up and fill the giant shoes of Congressional ostriches on these issues? We didn't need to look much further than the closest fast food franchise to find that, yes, of course someone would.

Intrepid Memphis Flyer reporter Chris Davis posted on his blog last week that two Memphis area Burger King franchises displayed identical "Global Warming is Baloney" signs last week. When Davis called one of the local franchises for comment, a predictably awkward exchanged broke out, capped by a declaration by the franchise operator (later identified as a company called MIC) that the nuanced policy position was indeed that of Burger King International.

Which, quite obviously, turned out not to be the case, as Davis updated.

Honestly, it's difficult to say what's more offensive: the content of the said restaurants' signs or the shocking ineptitude to not work in the obvious Whopper pun to supplement their ill-informed position.

Hats off to MIC for not only stepping up to the plate during recess week, but scoring the rare science/comedy writing double fail.