Thursday, June 11, 2009

GOP Leaders: Unconvinced on Global Warming, Unconvincing on Plan

At a press conference yesterday, House Minority Leader John Boehner (OH) and 92 other GOP representatives unveiled Republican leadership's long-awaited alternative to the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Unsurprisingly, it was highly evocative of last year's simplistic campaign catchphrase popularized by now-RNC Chairman Michael Steele otherwise known as "Drill, Baby, Drill." (Which, incidentally, seemed to translate to "Lose, Baby, Lose" judging by the GOP's 2008 performance.)

And, just so you were clear, they also made sure you knew their stance on global warming (via Politico):
Republicans stressed that their plan remained focused on energy, not climate change, emphasizing that the party remained unconvinced about the science of global warming.
Unfortunately, it seems this complete denial of sound science isn't limited to the party's fringe elements. In fact, with 93 of a possible 178 House Republicans supporting the legislation, it appears that 52% of GOPers, a clear cut majority, don't believe in climate change.