Monday, June 8, 2009

Rohring Denial and the Curious Flatulence Defense

Last week, we posted footage of Senator James Inhofe (OK), the face of the Congressional Flat Earth Society (otherwise known as global warming deniers), delivering a promise to the Heartland Institute promising to stall Obama Administration action to curb the worst effects of climate change. It turns out that Mr. Inhofe brought a few of his like-minded cronies from Capitol Hill to attend the conference, in which at least a few of the meals were compliments of major funder ExxonMobil.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (CA) was among those in attendance, and his views on global warming were unsurprisingly driven by petty politics rather than, say, the opinions of Nobel Prize-winning scientists (via the Virginian Pilot):
The California Republican was talking about global warming and could barely contain his disgust.

"Al Gore has been wrong all along!" Rohrabacher yelled into the microphone. "This is outrageous! All of this is wrong! The people who have stifled this debate have an agenda that is just frightening!"

Welcome to the third annual International Conference on Climate Change, a daylong session of speeches and scientific presentations that took place Tuesday just blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Almost no media covered the event.
But, hey, let's give credit where credit's due: at least Mr. Rohrabacher has, in the past, allowed that human creatures could theoretically be responsible for the planet's warming. Then again, it's unclear if dinosaur flatulence passes the scientific smell test as a main cause of warming (pun intended).

Seriously though, not to get too graphic here, but what's with the repeated excrement motif from Congressional naysayers regarding global warming? Perhaps in the case of Reps. John Boehner (OH) and Rohrabacher, silence wouldn't necessarily be deadly...

I'll be here all night, folks.