Friday, July 10, 2009

The Man Behind Cap and Tr8tors Is Champ of Bigfoot Hunting Cause

The historic American Clean Energy and Security Act wouldn't have made it past the House floor had it not been for the eight Republican members who voted for the bill, demonstrating their commitment to bringing new clean energy jobs to their districts. Although their decision to vote for ACES demonstrated their commitment to revitalizing our economy, improving our national security, and protecting our planet, their laudable efforts have put them in the cross-hairs of many extreme members from their own party.

While criticism from conservative pundits and climate change skeptics like Rush Limbaugh was to be expected, an apparent 'grassroots' movement against these 8 leaders shocked many. But in looking a little closer into the 'grassroots' effort, the real shock is who may be behind it all.

Soon after the ACES vote, a website called (BE CAREFUL, our browser reported it may be an attack site, giving us the following warning: "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"- coincidence?), appeared online with the following threat on it:
8 Republicans who voted for Cap and Trade are Traitors to the Republican party.The following republicans voted FOR the largest tax bill ever passed by a session of Congress


They have 5 Days from the time of their vote to change them, or we will work to vote them out of office.
The site also had a counter on it, propagated a #capandtr8tors thread on Twitter, and listed the contacts of the eight Republicans which helped funnel hundreds of calls into their offices.

So who was behind all this? Was it the National Republican Congressional Committee? Was it an interest group funded by ExxonMobil? Was it a talk show host like Glenn Beck? No, not that we can tell. It seems that the man behind the Cap and Tr8tors movement may in fact have been in cahoots with Bigfoot. Seriously.

To be more specific, it may have been a Bigfoot enthusiast/hunter.

Let us explain. Using the website, one can see the individual who registered the website is a man by the name of Rob Gaudet of Bossier City, Louisiana.

A Google search of his registered email address shows that a Robert Gaudet from the same town, listing the same email address, is a local "Tea-Party Patriots" organizer.

Not incredibly shocking.

But this is where it gets more interesting. According to his registered address, he lists his business as "Discover Bigfoot." It seems that Mr. Gaudet is also an active member of a community of people searching for the whereabouts of Bigfoot (aka, the Sasquatch). Yes folks. THAT Bigfoot.

We of course cannot be sure that these individuals are one in the same, but seeing as how Mr. Gaudet's address listed "Discover Bigfoot," we thought there may be a connection...

A Google search of Mr. Gaudet's email address and the term "Bigfoot" finds that name and email address referenced on multiple Bigfoot/ unexplained mystery dedicated forums. A search of "Rob Gaudet Bigfoot" finds the name referenced on numerous other forums as an individual who provides video and photographic evidence of Bigfoot's whereabouts. A Rob Gaudet was also interviewed on the Bigfoot Field Guide Radio Show and the Bigfoot Live Radio Show. The search also turns up a photo album of Bigfoot press clippings based on a site called "," with a registered email address with 'robertkgaudet' listed as a username.

One of these forums also links to a "Rob Gaudet video," which was made by a YouTube user named "HaveUSeenCreature." This user's channel lists his name as Rob Gaudet, and has numerous videos not only of the individual investigating apparent Bigfoot sitings, but also of multiple "Tea-Party" events.

To be clear, we make no claim that the Robert Gaudet who registered the domain name, the Robert Gaudet who organizes Tea-Party events, and the Robert Gaudet who actively searches for Bigfoot are all the same person. But if it is the case, the irony of an individual who pushes against climate change legislation, yet believes in the existence of "an alleged ape-like creature purportedly inhabiting forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America" made our Friday that much brighter.

Also, if it is the same person, doesn't he realize climate change will have disastrous effects on Bigfoot's habitat?!