Thursday, July 30, 2009

Palin Tweets Energetic

On issues of energy policy, it seems that now ex-Governor Sarah Palin is not going quietly into the night.

Since Ms. Palin's surprise resignation announcement a few weeks back, speculation has centered around what the former vice-presidential nominee planned to do after she left office. Would she make a Presidential run in 2012? Join fellow right wing pundits and host a talk show? Become a Butterball turkey spokesperson (CAUTION: a bit grisly)?

Though countless words have been written debating the issue, it seems the answer was just 140 characters away the entire time.

You see, Think Progress did an analysis of Mrs. Palin's Twitter account (AKGovSarahPalin), and by the looks of it, it appears she may be transitioning into an energy related career:
A comprehensive analysis of Palin’s last two months of Twitter updates (May 26-July 26) reveals that she mentioned energy 53 times out of 400 updates, far more than any other single issue. That is nearly 4 times as many mentions than the economy, and just short of 11 times the mentions of health care.
A "word cloud" underscores this point (apparently she also really likes picnics), as does this excellent graphic (via Think Progress):

Ms. Palin's insights into America's clean energy future haven't gone unnoticed. Should you choose to keep tweeting/writing/flip flopping on campaign promises about climate change, we'll be standing by.