Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time to dust off the ol’ bow and arrow?

During the floor debate of the American Clean Energy and Security act, most of the bill's naysayers seemed content to recycle old speeches and rely on using false and misleading numbers in an attempt to scare the American public. Of course, someone always has to be different, and that day, it was Representative Thaddeus McCotter (MI). You see, McCotter must have tired of the worn out roadblock talking point, because he apparently tried to get a new three word phrase to catch on: ‘hunting and gathering.’

Yes folks, McCotter attempted to claim ACES would lead us to revert to a “green economy called hunting and gathering." Check out the video below:

We can’t even make this stuff up. Perhaps our copy of the study showing that investment in clean energy would create 1.7 million new jobs was missing a page, but I highly doubt those jobs descriptions require prior experience in: “subsisting in the wild on food obtained by hunting and foraging."