Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coal Group Knew About Forged Letters Before Climate Vote

As we posted yesterday, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow interviewed Representative Tom Perriello (VA) Tuesday night, the first reported target of Bonner & Associates' forged letter campaign against the American Clean Energy and Security Act. In the ensuing days, Pennsylvania Representatives Chris Carney and Kathy Dahlkemper were also revealed as targets of the fraudulent activities conducted on behalf the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, the client linked to Bonner's antics.

Perriello took the opportunity to mention that, in addition to a local chapter of the NAACP and Latino rights group Creciendo Juntos, Bonner also used phony letterhead to impersonate two other groups: the Charlottesville-based Jefferson Area Board for Aging and the American Association of University Women.

Maddow continued her coverage of this rapidly-developing scandal on last night's show. And she certainly didn't disappoint with yet another shocking development: according to an investigation into the matter launched by Representative Ed Markey (MA), the ACCCE knew that the fraudulent letters had been produced on June 24, two days before the vote on the energy and climate bill in the House, and did nothing to stop Bonner's atrocious tactics.

You can watch the full video, and her interview with Representative Frank Pallone (NJ) on the letters, below.

And we would be less than honest if we didn't feel just a bit jealous that we couldn't come up with something as clever as Unnatural Mail Enhancement.

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