Thursday, August 27, 2009

FACES of Coal: The Finest Stock Photos Money Can Buy

You can't make this stuff up.

Well actually you can, if you're the slick K Street PR firm hosting Big Coal's latest front group, "FACES of Coal." Thanks to some great sleuthing by new media reporters at Appalachian Voice and DeSmogBlog, it's come to light that the Web site for FACES of Coal is comprised of stock photos purchased from iStockphoto, an internet photo bank for use when real people just don't seem to be available.

Maybe that's why FACES of Coal won't release a list of its members: they don't exist (or at least they didn't how much they loved dirty dirty coal when they sold their mugshots to iStockphoto).

We strongly encourage you to check out this wonderful deconstruction of the FACES site using side-by-sides of the pics on iStockphoto and their new home over at FACES of Coal. It's just so precious: who knew that "woman working at flower shop" and "group of happy business people standing together against white background" felt so strongly about blocking clean energy legislation?

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