Friday, August 14, 2009

UPDATED: More Details Emerge in Big Oil Mob Strategy

As an update to yesterday's post, Greenpeace USA obtained an API memo (PDF) detailing their strategy (via Huffington Post):
The email memo.. which appears to come from the desk of American Petroleum Institute president Jack Gerard, asks API’s member companies to recruit employees, retirees, vendors and contractors to attend “Energy Citizen” rallies in key Congressional districts nationwide in the closing weeks of the August recess. The campaign plan places a special focus on 21 states picked by API for having “a significant industry presence” or “assets on the ground.” [...]

The memo closes with a ‘for your eyes only’ plea: “Please treat this information as sensitive and ask those in your company to do so as well… we don’t want critics to know our game plan.”
Looks like API's distribution list is as leaky as the industry it represents.

UPDATE (12:42PM): Talking Points Memo has a response from API, who acknowledge their role leading a coalition against energy and climate legislation.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace asks, how can U.S. Climate Action Partnership members British Petroleum and Shell justify continuing to pay dues to API? It would seem those two bottom-line savvy companies would think that funding conflicting initiatives would make little fiscal sense. Or really, make no sense at all.

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