Friday, August 21, 2009

Vets to Big Oil: Enough Astroturfing

Add veterans to the growing list of groups slamming the American Petroleum Institute's tactics in creating a false movement against clean energy and climate reform. Operation Free, a coalition of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and national security experts, criticized the "Energy Citizens" Astroturf campaign orchestrated by the API and other Big Oil interests as harmful to America’s energy security. Per the Huffington Post:
“Veterans understand the connection between energy security, climate change and national security,” said Jon Powers, Chief Operating Officer of the Truman National Security Project and an Iraq war vet.

Describing climate change as a “threat multiplier” for the armed forces, Powers denounced the ‘Energy Citizens’ campaign, stating that Big Oil does not have America’s best interests at heart. “Veterans do not want to see America’s national security in the hands of Big Oil,” said Powers during the press teleconference today.
Drew Sloan, another Iraq and Afghanistan vet with Operation Free:
Sloan denounced ‘Energy Citizens’ and other oil and coal industry Astroturfing as “lies and misleading innuendo,” and described an unstable future in which American soldiers could lose their lives fighting wars over dwindling resources.
The veterans are, of course, spot on. In addition to revitalizing our economy, creating millions of jobs and cutting down harmful greenhouse gas emissions, producing more clean energy here in America means our economy won't be dependent on access to a foreign countries that don't really like us in order to keep running. Coming from those who have seen the dire consequences of this dependence firsthand, that's a pretty powerful message.

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