Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Backfire: "CO2 Is Green" Campaign Generates Pro-Clean Energy Calls!

A group calling itself "CO2 Is Green" has been spending heavily in New Mexico in an effort to convince Sen. Jeff Bingaman's constituents that - contrary to mountains of scientific evidence - we should all rejoice at the prospect of global warming, and certainly not (*shudder*) consider regulating carbon as pollution. The campaign includes a slick Web site, a TV spot and a half-page ad in the Albuquerque Journal with a phone number listed for Sen. Bingaman's office urging readers to call.

Well, that's quite a bit of effort for 4 pro-CO2 phone calls, which is what Sen. Bingaman's office is reporting they have received in the wake of the advertising campaign. But that's not all, according to the Journal's John Fleck:
Here's an interesting tidbit I came across in reporting the story. According to Jude McCartin, Sen. Bingaman's spokeswoman, the senator's office has received four telephone calls in response to the ad who agreed with its message. That was outnumbered, Jude said, by the calls by people who saw the ad and called Bingaman's office to say they favor legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
That's right, the CO2 Is Green campaign was a net positive for proponents of clean energy and climate legislation, as far as calls to Sen. Bingaman's office are concerned.

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