Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inhofe Fears Zombie Clean Energy & Climate Bill

Senator James Inhofe (OK) may want to invest in a nightlight during this fall's Senate debate to stave off his greatest nightmare: bipartisan support for comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation.

The infamous climate change denier originally told Tulsa World that the House-passed American Clean Energy and Security Act was “dead in the water” when it came to Senate passage.

Well it seems that he now believes that the chances of passing climate legislation in the Senate may well rise up from the dead just in time for Halloween, stating that “anyone who believes cap-and-trade is dead and buried—it is very much alive.”

What could possibly strike fear into the heart of the typically self-assured Senator? Perhaps the fact that support for climate action falls well beyond the environmental community: public polling proves it and a wide range of groups, from veteran groups to businesses to labor, are calling for the passage of clean energy legislation.

Though we’re willing to bet he’ll blame it on the zombie mob.

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