Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

**UPDATE 9/24/09** PNM just announced they're completely cutting ties with the Chamber.

Yet another key member of the U.S. "Science isn't Real" Chamber of Commerce is walking back its involvement with the group as a result of its extreme position on clean energy and climate legislation.

PNM Resources, a New Mexico-based energy holding company whose subsidiaries power more than a million homes, has relinquished its seat on the Chamber's Board of Directors. A company spokesman, Don Brown, issued the following *gem* of an explanation (per NRDC):
"We strongly disagree with the Chamber's position on climate change legislation and particularly reject its recent theatrics" in calling for a review of the E.P.A.'s findings, Don Brown, a spokesman for PNM Resources, a New Mexico-based utility holding company, said.
Coming on the heels of PG&E's decision to quit the Chamber completely, we're thinking the press folks at our favorite science-denying group are having a rough morning.

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