Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Santorum's Refuge from Consistency

Apparently, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum doesn't mean things when he says them.

This morning, on a conference call in which he was supposed to be taking aim at former GOP colleague Sen. Arlen Specter, Santorum decided to speak up about a parliamentary procedure that may be used to pass healthcare reform legislation in the off chance it fails to win Republican support. Unsurprisingly, Santorum thinks it would be an awful, terrible abuse of power for Democrats to go that route.

Which is why he might have regretted inviting Politico's Ben Smith to the call. Smith noted that Santorum repeatedly supported reconciliation in 2003 for the Bush tax cuts and again in 2006 when he was pushing hard to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil drilling.

On the call, Santorum defended his flip-flop, arguing that the ANWR issue wasn't a big deal, so the expectation of reasonable logic and consistency should be applied to anything he did during that debate:
Santorum called ANWR drilling "fairly minor" in its impact on the land and on the economy.

"You're talking about drilling holes, as opposed to rejiggering and reconstructing the entire health care system of this country," the former Pennsylvania senator said. "This is a major policy initiative."
Except that in explaining his first flip, he simply flopped again. ANWR is "fairly minor," you say? Then you must have been wrong when you told the AP in 2006 that it would play a "significant role" in reshaping U.S. energy policy.

Keep diggin' (or drillin'), Senator Santorum...

Oh, and did we mention Rick Santorum is thinking of running for president?

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