Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chamber Jobs Plan Not Really A Plan, Remain Confused on Climate

Tom Donahue and the global warming deniers at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are launching a new campaign today, designed to create 20 million jobs in the next decade.

We, of course, would applaud this mammoth effort, were it akin to anything other than hot air. You see, the Chamber is good at talking and campaigning, short on on substance. From Politico:
“We’ve said this is the most significant campaign we’ve ever undertaken, so we’re treating this announcement like none other in the Chamber’s history,” she said. “We have print and online ads running to build buzz as we lead up to the launch.”
In other words, the Chamber is spending a bunch of money talking about their campaign, with no details as to what it is. Here are some details for you: the Chamber opposes comprehensive clean energy and climate change legislation, that at minimum would help create nearly one-tenth of the jobs it is aiming for. There must be more you say? Well, here is what the Chamber views as the scope of all this:
"This effort is about something much bigger than business, much bigger than policy,” she said. “It’s about the business community working to solve our nation’s greatest challenge, which is creating the 20 million new jobs America will need over the next decade."
We sure hope it is bigger than business, since the Chamber seems to keep losing the support of big businesses. Apple, Nike, Exelon, PG&E and PNM Resources, all companies with the ability to create jobs, are at odds with the Chamber over its opposition to doing just that.

There's no questioning Donahue and the Chamber's "21st century" global warming stance - you remember, the one that called for a "Scopes Monkey Trial" on the issue. The Chamber, reeling in the face of a firestorm about their hemmoraghing of members over their archaic position on climate change, is good at spending money to save face. But we're not holding our breath that this is simply an empty bait and switch tactic to take the focus off their rapidly crumbing influence in Washington, all as a result of Mr. Donahue's shockingly backwards mentality on the issue of global warming and clean energy.

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