Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chamber Lobbying Bill: $35 Million

All that money the Chamber of Commerce is pouring into a job creation effort? Turns out it's only a fraction of what the group spends trying to influence lawmakers.

According the its 3rd quarter filing, due tomorrow, the Chamber dished out $34.7 million in lobbying expenses in the last three months, a figure higher than the next 18 filers combined, so far.

According to POLITICO, the Chamber has it's reasons:
“Clearly, it’s because the Congress has been dealing with the most important issues facing our nation,” said Tita Freeman, vice president of communications for the Chamber, adding that to the extent that there are job creation and economic development issues on the table, “we are front and center on them, as we always have been.”
Except not so much. As we have widely reported here on Really? Seriously?, the Chamber is hemorrhaging members, and the Obama Administration has decided it would be smarter if they just talked to business leaders themselves.

In other words, the Chamber could have saved a lot of money and had a much better quarter simply by listening to their since-departed members and listening to the American public's demand for comprehensive clean energy reform.

Given their rapidly dwindling membership, the Chamber may want to explore less expensive ways to go about their business next quarter.

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