Friday, October 30, 2009

GE, Cisco Systems call out Chamber

This has been a good week for us here at Really? Seriously? We had hearings on forged letters by the ACCCE, ridiculous comments made all over the place by the opposition at the Senate EPW Hearings and to cap it all off, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is being used as a punching bag - again.This time, however, the heavyweights are out.General Electric (GE), one of the largest members of the Chamber, made public their differing views of the way the Chamber has handled energy and climate issues. From Reuters:
"The Chamber does not represent our views on the urgent need for climate legislation," said Peter O'Toole, a spokesman for GE, the largest U.S. conglomerate. "We need climate legislation and a price for carbon in the U.S. now."
Sounds pretty cut and dry to us. As it also did to Cisco Systems Inc., which plans to work with the Chamber to, "modernize their position." Unfortunately, Chamber President Thomas Donahue might have a little trouble with that. Already, the Chamber has responded (also from Reuters):
"Our goal is to have the positions that we actually take stances on be reflective of the democratic majority of the broad majority of the business community," said Eric Wohlschlegel, a Chamber spokesman.
We are just hoping that when they tally up the votes, they divide by 300,000, not three million. Oh, and don't forget to count out those that have already had enough of you.

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