Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kentucky Coal Wildcats?

It isn't even Christmas, yet the Kentucky men's basketball team is about to get a lump of coal. Think corporate sponsorship has already gone too far on college campuses? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

A group led by Alliance Coal CEO Joseph Craft has agreed to donate $7 million for a new dorm for the Wildcats' basketball team, on one condition - the school must name the dorm after his chief product, coal.

MSNBC has more about "Wildcat Coal Lodge":
There are so many angles from which this can be construed as wrong, most of which are covered in the clip. But, for the NCAA sports fans around here, we are, uh, burning about one more thing: the NCAA technically does not allow athletes to have their own dorm. They are supposed to share the same experience as every other student on campus.

So, if this goes through, everyone gets the black lung -- not just John Calipari's hoops team.

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