Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oops? Chamber's "20 Million Jobs" Push Leaves a Few States Unemployed

As we recently discussed, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its CEO, Thomas Donohue, spend a lot of time talking out of both sides of their mouths.

On climate change, despite calling for a Scopes-monkey proceeding that would put the settled science of global warming "on trial," Donohue claims the group is still "committed" to passing legislation to fight climate change.

On jobs, after taking $20 million from the bankrupt speculators at AIG, Donohue's now launching a slick campaign claiming the de-regulation principles the Chamber supports will create 20 million jobs in the next two decades. (Fun fact: the Chamber's campaign website is being paid for in no small part by Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Health Insurance companies)

So as *close* followers of the Chamber's antics, we've seen quite a bit. Yet even we were shocked when a little curiosity led us to the Chamber's map outlining its job creation goals for the United States. Some states had rather ambitious goals: California? 4.1 million. Texas? 2.1 million. So let's see, how about... Wyoming?


Huh? What about North Dakota?


South Dakota? The District of Columbia?

Zero and zero.

This rosy outlook for three U.S. states and the District comes after what Donohue calls "meticulous research" and a $25 million annual budget for the campaign (the Chamber, via Politico):

Organizers say the multimillion-dollar program will include grass-roots mobilization, national advertising, public education, outreach to opinion leaders and extensive involvement by young people.
“Since we announced plans for the campaign in June, we’ve been holding listening sessions with small-business owners, heads of state and local chambers, Fortune 500 CEOs, heads of trade associations [and] Washington political and press types, and we’ve built a one-of-a-kind, far-reaching campaign to promote free enterprise,” said Tita Freeman, the Chamber’s vice president of communications and strategy.

Chamber to North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and D.C.: after months of meticulous research, we've concluded you're hopeless.

Also, check out some more debunks of the Chamber's smoke-and-mirrors campaign here and here.

(BTW: The American Clean Energy and Security Act is estimated to create 4,257 jobs in North Dakota, 5,272 in South Dakota, 3,522 in Wyoming, and 5,514 in D.C.)

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