Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Operation FREE: Stop "Swiftboating" Clean Energy Veterans

Enough is enough.

That's the message today from Operation FREE, a coalition of hundreds of veterans and retired admirals and generals who support comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. The group recently came under a shockingly over-the-top attack from Maine State Rep. Daryl "Drill baby drill!" Metcalfe calling any veteran associated with Operation FREE a "traitor" and a "Benedict Arnold."

Now, Operation FREE is hitting back with a petition calling for Metcalfe to apologize for attacking America's war heroes for their support of clean energy.

Enough is enough. The name calling needs to stop. Swiftboating our military veterans, and questioning their patriotism, for crass political gain should not be tolerated.

America’s national security professionals in the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the National Intelligence Council, and the Central Intelligence Agency all agree that climate change is a security threat that must be dealt with seriously and honestly.

Rep. Metcalfe, you need to apologize.
We're headed over to the Operation FREE site to sign the petition right now. You should sign too.

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