Monday, October 19, 2009

Rob Simmons Literally Tea Bags Everywhere

In a recent blog post, former Congressman and current Senatorial candidate Rob Simmons of Connecticut egregiously (and admittedly) flip-flopped his previous support for combating global warming as part of an en masse abandoning of his previous policy positions.

However, what ostensibly was done for political reasons runs completely counter to poll after poll that shows that a majority of Americans support clean energy and climate legislation that creates jobs, reduces pollution and increases energy independence. That’s because people are sick of sending a billion dollars a day overseas to purchase oil when we could be investing that money in homegrown energy and job creation here in the U.S.

But then again maybe he’s not into listening to a majority (a strange strategy when trying to get elected) but instead prefers to placate a fringe minority according to his frequent alliance with the “tea party” movement, a group denounced by three of the major Connecticut newspapers.

In a recent speech to the tea party crowd, Simmons voiced his commitment to their movement by showing that he has started carrying an actual tea bag (insert own joke here) with his copy of the Constitution:
SIMMONS: This state and this country needs people like you. [...] I’ve made it a habit over the years to carry my Constitution in my pocket as a reminder of what this country and what this country’s government is all about. But more recently because of the participation of many of you, I’ve added something to my Constitution. I’ve added a tea bag.
Apparently Simmons’s Senate bid seemed like the perfect time to unveil his commitment to fringe elements over the savvy majority of voters who could actually get him elected.

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