Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey Big Spenders...

The IRS just disclosed that the biggest advocate groups for Big Oil and Dirty Coal, the American Petroleum Institute and the ACCCE, spent over $115,000,000 on federal lobbying and communications in 2008. We can only imagine, with the escalating efforts to pass a clean energy legislation, what these groups will have spent by the time 2009 is over. (Not to mention forging letters to members of the House of Representatives or directly lying to Congress).

Contributions from groups like Association of American Railroads ($6 million) and Arch Coal Inc. ($5 million) helped push the API and ACCCE totals so astronomically high.

Duke Energy Corp., an original member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, left ACCCE in August in part because of the lobbying group's aggressive efforts to kill the House clean energy bill. PNM made a similar move when it left the Chamber of Commerce, and spurred a whole slew of forward-thinking companies like Nike to do the same.

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