Monday, November 9, 2009

I am Big Oil, and so can you

Amidst the normal Monday hustle and bustle, we found LCV's New Media Manager and blog editor/drill sergeant Jay Natoli greasing the pipes of an evil Big Oil empire, buoyed by billions of taxpayer dollars.

All in a day’s work in the video game Big Oil: Build An Oil Empire, Turn Crude to Ca$h.

According to its packaging, Big Oil (the game) challenges you to use your wits to cash in on one of the most important natural resources the American people. The management of an entire oil company ruin of our open spaces, clean air and safe drinking water is in your hands -- turn it into a profitable venture (at the expense of national security!) and become a big-time executive science denier, just like James Inhofe!

Just one problem: According to GameSpot, a website that features highly respected video game critiques, "Big Oil is poorly designed all around (inefficient and dirty), with frustrating bugs (highly-paid, low-morality lobbyists), a practically unworkable interface (which falsely claims it hasn’t caused global warming), and tiresome gameplay (which keeps you stuck in failed Bush-era energy policies)."

Sounds a lot like the real Big Oil.

Gamespot says the video game version is bad -- just like the real life version, where a majority of respected scientists say Big Oil pollutes the air we breathe and the water we drink and puts our security at risk.

And the real-life game we're playing by relying on outdated energy sources? It costs us a billion dollars every day.

So tonight dinner is on Jay -- paid for by Big Oil.

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