Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Massey Energy CEO: Coal Will Prevent Next Ice Age


Don Blankenship, CEO of coal extractor Massey Energy, recently had a sit-down with Energy & Environment News in which he waxed (in)eloquently about his science-denying approach to global warming. Among the gems from his interview was a discussion of one of his recent Twitter proclamations:
"Some fear that we are entering a new Ice Age. We must demand that more coal be burned to save the Earth from global cooling."
We'll let that one sink in for a minute.

Now that the hand print on your forehead is fading, here's another great exchange between Blankenship and E&E News' Monica Trauzzi:
Trauzzi: Are you being socially irresponsible by denying the science behind global warming to benefit your company's bottom line?

Blankenship: Absolutely not. I really believe that the climate is changing naturally, and that the temperature for the last eight or nine years has been cooling, and that the Arctic ice has been increasing, and that there's a great deal of misunderstanding out there about climate change.
And just for good measure:

Trauzzi: You're on the board of directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has taken a lot of heat recently for its stance on global warming and climate legislation. And the board of directors has particularly come under scrutiny. Is it a result of board members like yourself who deny the science of global warming for why we've seen several companies remove themselves from U.S. Chamber membership?

Blankenship: Well let me correct you for a minute. I don't deny the science behind global warming, I deny that there is any science that supports global warming, which is a different thing entirely.

The whole interview is worth a look, so be sure to check it out here (subscription required).

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