Monday, November 2, 2009

Quarterly Lobbying Reports: Now THAT'S Why They're Called "Big Oil"

Want to know what happens to all that money you spend on gas? Well, in addition to the about $1 billion per day that heads to overseas governments hostile to American interests, a good portion of it ends up in the pockets of Big Oil.

In turn, Big Oil spends millions lobbying the federal government in opposition to clean energy and climate legislation.

Five Big Oil companies spent nearly $27 million lobbying Congress in the third quarter, averaging more than $8 million each month. In keeping with its usual antics, ExxonMobil led the way, dolling out $7.2 million - more than the entire environmental movement. That brings the company, which is responsible for all ten of the highest quarterly corporate profits on record, up to more than $20 million in lobbying expenditures for the year.

The other companies were Chevron (at $6.09 million), BP ($5.115 million), ConocoPhillips ($4 million), Marathon ($2.2 million) and Shell ($1.055 million). These same corporations have also dished out close to half a million dollars in contributions to their favorite members of Congress, which include global warming denier Sen. James Inhofe and clean energy attacker Rep. Roy Blunt.

All of this spending comes during the most significant debate on clean energy and climate legislation ever. And the spending doesn't figure to slow down any time soon, with legislation before the Environment and Public Works committee right now.

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