Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Operation FREE: Inhofe Must Apologize For 'Swiftboating' Clean Energy Veterans

As we reported yesterday, Sen. James Inhofe appears to be doubling down on clean energy opponents' strategy of attacking anyone and everyone who wants to reform our failed energy policies -- including our men and women in uniform.

In a New York Times Magazine interview, Inhofe suggested that retired admirals and generals who told Congress that global warming is a security threat are simply seeking the "limelight." Now, the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans of Operation FREE are calling on Inhnofe to apologize for attacking America's heroes for speaking their mind. According to their petition:
Enough is enough. Swiftboating our military veterans, and questioning their patriotism, for crass political gain should not be tolerated.

America’s national security professionals in the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the National Intelligence Council, and the Central Intelligence Agency all agree that climate change is a security threat that must be dealt with seriously and honestly.

Senator Inhofe, you need to apologize.
We couldn't agree more, and we encourage you to sign their petition here.

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