Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Smear Campaign Against Climate Scientists Produces Death Threats

As the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper is now reporting, the University of East Anglia climate researchers whose personal e-mails were recently hacked are now receiving "torrents of abusive and threatening e-mails," including death threats. Worse, their colleagues at the university who were uninvolved with the hacked e-mails are also being targeted:
Many other CRU scientists and their colleagues have received torrents of abusive and threatening e-mails since the leaks first began in mid-November 2009. Tom Wigley, previous Director of CRU and now at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, US, has been horrified by the e-mails he and other colleagues have received. "They are truly stomach-turning and show what sort of venomous monsters we are up against," he told environmentalresearchweb.
That the scientists whose reputations and characters are being attacked by climate deniers are now receiving these threats is deeply troubling, though not entirely a surprise. In fact, this manufactured scandal is looking eerily familiar to anyone who followed the tobacco industry's smear campaign against public health officials and Big Tobacco whistleblowers.

It's high time we put the hacked East Anglia e-mails in their proper context: part of a decades-long smear campaign designed to undermine global warming science and discredit or intimidate those whose work contributes to our understanding of man-made climate change.

The fact is that special interest groups funded by Big Oil oppose any reform to our dangerous energy policies and are distorting and selectively quoting from these personal emails in order to imply that climate scientists are part of a conspiracy to deceive the public. The fact is the stolen e-mails do nothing to alter our current understanding of global warming and its threat to our economy, our environment and our national security.

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