Friday, June 5, 2009

Rep. McCarthy, Er, Broun Weighs In On Waxman-Markey

Aside from the odd Congressional junkie (yours truly included), the mention of Representative Paul Broun (GA) may evoke a fleeting memory of last year's general election campaign. Why would even the casual political follower retain any knowledge of the two-term Congressman?

Oh, that's right: because he likened then President-elect Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. In his post-election rant to the Associated Press, Mr. Broun also dubbed the President a "Marxist."

It seems it was only a matter of time until Mr. Broun weighed in with his patented cutting edge early 20th century insult comedy when it came to the American Clean Energy and Security Act. And man was it a doozy, if not completely and utterly predictable (via Talking Points Memo):
Rep. Paul Broun has a bit of a joke for you. "The Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade legislation is just another disguise and it's high time that we call it what it really is: a Wacky-Marxist Tax-and-Cap bill that will suffocate America's small businesses, ultimately strangling America's respiratory system."


In his press release, Broun [...] limited [his] critique of cap-and-trade legislation to the false claim--based on an intentional misreading of an M.I.T. study--that climate legislation will cost the average household thousands of dollars.
And thus another shocking turn in the debate on clean energy, wherein opposition forces egregiously distort the truth, come up with a catchy (inaccurate) catchphrase, and hurl insults that would arguably be relevant in a Felix the Cat film.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Akin, Thompson Fuzzy on Green Jobs, Their Own Districts

Kudos to Think Progress for this great spot of Tuesday night's colloquy on the floor of the House of Representatives, which focused on the American Clean Energy and Security Act. In this case, participating Representatives Todd Akin (MO) and Glenn Thompson (PA), among others, took the opportunity to trash the bill, in particular the whole notion of green jobs. Watch below:

In the sparsely populated chamber, the select few Congressmen alternately described green jobs as "paper mâché," "subprime," (an allusion to the infamously debunked Spanish green jobs study) and, perhaps most colorfully, as "gangrene." Think Progress, the Center for American Progress, and the Environmental Defense Fund, however, define irony:
But a report by the Center for American Progress shows investment in green jobs produces four times as many jobs as an equivalent investment in the oil industry. The Environmental Defense Fund website notes there are at least four clean energy companies in Thompson’s district and six in Akin’s district.
In other news, Representatives Akin and Thompson eagerly await the much-anticipated campaign memo, "How To Insult Your District's Economy and Constituency and Still Get Re-Elected."

Inhofe's Climate Plan: 'Stall Until Next President'

As Congressional action on clean energy and climate change has largely been focused in the House of Representatives thus far this session, we have not had the privilege of hearing from our nation's more celebrated global warming deniers on the other side of Capitol Hill. But as we continue to build momentum in both chambers of Congress towards passing comprehensive legislation, our favorite Senatorial roadblock to global warming outlined his legislative "strategy" in a speech yesterday.

You may know him as Senator James Inhofe (OK). Mr. Inhofe is noted for his outspoken (and out there) nature when it comes to climate change. He has labeled global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people" and even has gone as far as proclaiming that warming has ceased and that we are now experiencing a "cooling spell." In other words, the Senate's ranking Republican on the Committee on Environment and Public Works, which will be the primary committee looking at a global warming bill, will wield all of his influence to derail legislation.

How are we so sure? Well, for starters, because he said so yesterday:

In case you couldn't hear it, in reacting to the Obama Administration's decision to regulate greenhouse gases as they pose a threat to humans, Mr. Inhofe pledged to “stall that until we get a new president – that shouldn’t be a problem.” In case you forgot, we will not have a new president for at least another four years, and quite possibly not for another eight. And Mr. Inhofe seems to think that whenever that time comes, the next president will share his extreme views on global warming, which, judging by emerging leaders in even his party, seems to be an unlikely scenario at best.

And of course, he also flatly rejected the notion that the Senate will ever pass a clean energy and climate change bill.

(Just in case you were wondering where such declarations would ever be greeted with applause, Mr. Inhofe's lecture was delivered at the Heartland Institute, the vanguard of global warming denier, and healthy recipient - to the tune of $675,000 - of ExxonMobil funding.)

So keep in mind that when Mr. Inhofe and many of his like-minded colleagues will enter "negotations" on a package to revitalize our economy, improve our national security, and protect our planet, they will be doing so with one goal: to indefinitely stall action from ever being taken.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

But Can You Pull Off A BK Broiler Pun?

With Congress being out of session on recess last week, there were certainly less opportunities for legislators to make on-the-record statements that demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of global warming science. Or, as we often prefer, declarations that venture into the completely absurd.

Would anyone, in this week of great need, step up and fill the giant shoes of Congressional ostriches on these issues? We didn't need to look much further than the closest fast food franchise to find that, yes, of course someone would.

Intrepid Memphis Flyer reporter Chris Davis posted on his blog last week that two Memphis area Burger King franchises displayed identical "Global Warming is Baloney" signs last week. When Davis called one of the local franchises for comment, a predictably awkward exchanged broke out, capped by a declaration by the franchise operator (later identified as a company called MIC) that the nuanced policy position was indeed that of Burger King International.

Which, quite obviously, turned out not to be the case, as Davis updated.

Honestly, it's difficult to say what's more offensive: the content of the said restaurants' signs or the shocking ineptitude to not work in the obvious Whopper pun to supplement their ill-informed position.

Hats off to MIC for not only stepping up to the plate during recess week, but scoring the rare science/comedy writing double fail.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Link Dumping Better Than Toxic Dumping

Five links (and a video) that have LCVers saying "really? seriously?" today:
Venice will use algae for 50% of its electricity

Rainwater harvesting saves water, captures imagination

Bottled water uses 2000 times more energy than tap water

Environmentalists develop techniques to plant on abandoned lots

You can use a plastic washing machine instead of water

Last, but not least: