Monday, March 1, 2010

Dirty Coal Lobby ACCCE Loses Another Member

R?S? has reported in depth on the ongoing loss of members by the beleagured coal lobbying group ACCCE, which opposes efforts to cap carbon pollution and enact comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Now, according to Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones, it looks as though the group has lost yet another member:
Progress Energy, a North Carolina-based utility, decided late last year to not renew its membership in the multi-million dollar group that promotes so-called "clean coal," a spokesman confirmed. The departure was not made public, but the group recently disappeared from the list of ACCCE members.
For anyone who's just tuning in to the ACCCE soap opera, Sheppard provides a bit of background on what might have made the lobby group less and less appealing to Progress:
2009 was not a great PR year for ACCCE. It came to light that the group had paid a shady subcontractor to send forged letters to members of Congress lobbying against the cap and trade bill. Then, one of the organization's vice presidents may have lied under oath about the group's position on climate legislation. The group was also busted for misrepresenting a veterans group in an email. ACCCE came in at No. 3 on our Dirty Dozen of climate change denial in December, winning third place for its efforts to curry support for the as-yet non-existent technology of "clean coal" while their VP of communications refuses to say whether coal contributes to global warming.

There were several high-profile departures from ACCCE last fall over its discordant climate policy. Electric utility giant Duke Energy and Alstom, a French company that makes components for power plants, left in September.
ACCCE is not alone among dirty energy lobby groups in shedding members over opposition to clean energy and climate legislation: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has lost corporate mainstays like Nike and Johnson & Johnson, and the National Association of Manufacturers saw Duke Energy quit as well.

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