Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inhofe Brings Nude Al Gore Prop to Senate Floor

Nothing inspires insightful Senate debate like an illustration of a political adversary naked.

When Senator Jim Inhofe - one of Congress' most infamous climate change deniers - saw last week's Weekly Standard sporting a cartoon of a nude Al Gore on the cover, he knew he "wanted to give a speech."

The content of Inhofe's speech was nothing new. Using exaggerated rhetoric designed to alarm and confuse the issues, the Senator claimed that climate change was "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."

In one particularly backwards moment, Inhofe accused Gore of wanting "the world to put its head in the sand and pretend nothing's happening." In fact, this is what Inhofe and his climate-change denying allies in Congress have been trying to do for years. But as Gore pointed out in his aptly-titled New York Times Op-Ed: "We can't wish away climate change."

Oh, and guess which industry has topped Inhofe's donor list for the past five years? Yep, that would be Oil & Gas.

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