Wednesday, March 3, 2010

State Senator Robert Hurt Can See the Future?

A tip on being a sell-out politician: when you erroneously shift blame for higher energy prices on national legislation, make sure the legislation has actually gone into effect.

Apparently, Virginia State Senator Robert Hurt didn't do his homework. When Appalachian Power (an important campaign donor for Hurt) implemented a 12.8-percent rate increase in December, the Senator attempted to blame the hike on a federal law that has still not passed through the Senate. The Danville Register Bee reports:
Sen. Robert Hurt, R-Chatham, said state and federal environmental regulations have played a role in rising energy rates. The federal “cap-and-trade” passed by the House of Representatives last year is an example of the “devastating policies” that affect people’s lives, forcing companies to raise rates to revamp their facilities to follow environmental rules.
The misinformation surrounding clean energy and climate legislation is reaching unprecedented heights as big polluters and their political allies strive to confuse the issues beyond recognition. The fact remains that the pending bill will help move our economy forward and clean up our energy sector; essential steps toward a clean energy future.

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VaPatriot said...

Everything Hurt said is EXACTLY correct. TYhe House DID pass the legislation; the Senate is still considering it. The passage by the House encouraged utilities to raise their rates in anticipation of the much higher taxers they would have to pay under the Cap and Tax/Trade bill.