Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gulf Of Mexico Will Burn In Wake Of Oil Spill

As a destroyed oil rig continues to leak oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard is resorting to a drastic measure in order to stop the pollution from reaching the Louisiana coastline. They're setting the Gulf on fire.

Small, controlled burns come as a last resort in a battle to control the spread of a massive oil slick which is now estimated to cover an area of 100 by 45 miles (about as big as the state of Rhode Island).

The image of flames rising up from a body of water is a painful reminder of the Cuyahoga River catching fire in 1952.

Despite key differences between the two events (the river fire was obviously not intentional), the parallels point to a chilling realization:

In over 50 years, we still haven't cleaned up our energy policy enough to prevent environmental disasters like these.

Let this be a call to action - just as the Cuyahoga River incident kick-started the environmental movement and eventually led to the first Earth Day. It's time to stand up against dirty industries like oil and turn toward clean energy to protect our environment, security, and economy in the decades to come.

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