Monday, May 24, 2010

BP Committed to Transparency, Except When It Comes to Its Oil

You can’t help but chuckle a little at BP’s letter to EPA last Friday. The company’s CEO, Tony Hayward, writes in the letter, “we share with you a strong commitment to transparency,” but just seventy miles away from the “incident response center,” the view looks a little different.

Enter Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland and colleague Dr. John Hazlett, trying to get to Elmer’s Island, a Katrina-wrought yet still tourist-trafficked coastal settlement with a population of 1,500. For almost a month now, oil has been washing up on the Elmer’s Island beaches.

Unfortunately for McClelland and Hazlett, BP’s “transparency” took the form of a four squad car roadblock. McClelland’s journey for the coast would go on to be hampered by two BP press goons, a sheriff’s deputy, and a fire chief. Their explanation: “BP’s in charge because it’s BP’s oil.”

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