Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul: Obama's Criticism Of British Petroleum Is Un-American

You have to wonder: does Rand Paul really not know how ridiculous the things he says are? Or is it that he does, but just doesn't care?

This morning, the Associated Press reports that Rand Paul is attacking President Obama for his criticism of BP Inc., suggesting that it's anti-business and "really un-American."

Really? So it’s “un-American” for the President of the United States to hold accountable an oil company that is responsible for a disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is damaging the region’s economy and ecosystem. It’s “un-American” for the President of the United States to demand answers from a company whose profit margin was so vast the first three months of the year that it can pay for its total cleanup costs with just a few days worth of profits?

Or could it be that Rand Paul is merely try to distract general election voters in his home state from bizarre positions on global warming and clean energy, including comparing President Obama to dictators like Hugo Chavez for representing America's interests at a summit of world leaders on energy and global warming in Copenhagen?

And never mind that the company that Rand Paul thinks it's "really un-American" for President Obama to criticize is actually headquartered in the United Kingdom. As in, not America. In fact, until 2001 when the company shortened its name, BP actually stood for something - British Petroleum.

Although for someone who's so closely aligned with a Tea Party movement that's confused about whether a lot of things are or aren't American, we guess this latest mix-up shouldn't come as a major shock.

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