Thursday, May 13, 2010

Really? Sen. Lisa Murkowski Blocks Efforts To Make BP Pay Full Oil Spill Cleanup Costs

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Big Oil) today blocked the Senate from passing the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act, a self-explanatory piece of legislation from Sen. Bob Menendez that would raise the liability cap on British Petroleum to $10 billion, making sure the company - and not U.S. taxpayers - shoulders the full cost of cleaning up its ever-worsening mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

Currently, the company's liability is capped at a meager $75 million, a mere fraction of an anticipated cleanup bill that is expected to reach into the billions.

What did Sen. Murkowski have to say for herself?

"Well, I just don't think a company that's already given my campaign $7,000 this year should have to pay another $10 billion on top of that."
Whoops! No, silly... no politician worth his or her salt would ever say a thing like that! What Sen. Murkowski really said was:

“We want to ensure that those that are responsible pay for the economic loss, the damages that are incurred. We’re with you on this. But the reason I stand and object at this point in time is I don’t believe that taking the amount of the liability cap from $75 million, where it is currently, to $10 billion in strict liability – 133 times the size of the current strict liability limit – is where we need to be right now. And I’m not the only one who suggests that maybe we need to understand just a little bit better how much we might need to look at raising the limit.”
That's some superb logic, Senator. According to Murkowski, we're going to ensure that the company responsible for a multi-billion dollar oil spill pays the full cost of cleanup by leaving in place a $75 million cap on that company's liability.

It seems that Sen. Lisa Murkowski would rather see U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for cleaning up BP's disaster than hold the company accountable. Watch her fearlessly defending Big Oil here (start at 17 minutes in).