Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward Is Lady Gaga's Newest "Little Monster"

BP, the company responsible for the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, is sparing no expense... when it comes to protecting its reputation, that is.

According to multiple reports, the company is engaged in a costly public relations campaign, ranging from paid television ads in which CEO Tony Hayward promises to "make this right" to buying up search terms on Google and Yahoo so that people searching for "oil spill" will get BP's official site as their top result. According to ThinkProgress, it's a tactic designed to drown out non-profit groups (like environmentalists) who might use the Web to criticize the company.

Yet BP ads are cropping up in much more bizarre places, like YouTube music videos for the popular artists Lady Gaga and Ke$hia.

That's right: it appears BP is so desperate for love these days that the company is begging fans of pop music to "friend BP on YouTube." Check out this screenshot, in which a smiling Tony Hayward tries to make BP some new internet buddies among viewers of the hit single "Telephone."

Maybe they're trying to push back against this slick little YouTube shenanigan, in which a user doing a pretty good impression of Lady Gaga remakes "Bad Romance" into a hatred-filled ballad about the, um, less than honest nature of the company's public statements regarding its spill. Opening lyrics include:
BP...lie lie lies
Yeah so what, some birds die
Laugh, laugh to the bank
HA HA, an oil rig sank.
Good luck competing with that, Tony!

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